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Oriole Feeders

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This saucer oriole feeder can hold between 12 and 16 ounces.
4 nectar feeding stations, 4 jelly feeding stations built-in ant guard.
Dishwasher safe.

Price:$14.99 / each

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This nectar feeder is designed specifically for orioles with larger feeding ports and perches.
Includes a built-in ant moat, engraved nectar recipe under the cover, solid brass hanging rod and durable, easy-to-clean, polycarbonate construction.
Aspects' Oriole Feeder has four feeding ports, a generous 16-oz reservoir and is backed by Aspects' Lifetime Guarantee.

Price:$21.95 / each

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Fruit feeder for Orioles, Robins.
Holds four pieces of fruit.

Price:$8.57 / each

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Simplicity of design and function - easy way to offer oranges to orioles and other fruit eating birds
Powder coated orange metal design - easy to wash in dishwasher
Strong rust resistant chain with hook - loops securely around branches

Price:$6.99 / each

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Glass dish with a coil around wire holder for 1" poles. Goes on with a twist, no tools required.
Perfect for serving jelly, fruit and mealworms.

Price:$11.09 / each

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Beautiful jewel cut glass is amber coloured to attract orioles. Holds 10 oz of nectar. Easy to fill and clean.

Price:$29.99 / each

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