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Orioles are attracted to oranges and nectar feeders when they first return from their wintering areas, but later switch to an insect diet. In addition to fruit and nectar, orioles are also attracted to feeders with grape jelly. While some orioles will eat oranges throughout their breeding season, providing jelly will help prolong your enjoyment of these beautiful birds.
The best part is when Oriole parents bring their offspring to the fruit and jelly feeder for the first time!
Orioles have the most fascinating of nests. The sack-like structures are woven of natural plant materials and suspended from the branches of trees found in suburbs, parks, forest edges, and along rivers.

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Brushed copper oriole feeder holds 2 jelly dishes and 2 orange halves. 10 1/4" diameter, 12" high. Feeder is ready to hang.

Regular Price:$49.99 / each
Sale Price:$39.95 / each

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