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Squirrel Stoppers

Squirrel Stoppers   Squirrel Proof Feeders and Baffles
The battle between bird feeders and squirrels has been going on for decades. Squirrels are nimble and persistent. They will try anything to get to your bird food. Some folks give up and let the squirrels have at it, and some folks even don't mind the squirrels.
For those of you who want to keep the bird food for the birds, we have a large selection of squirrel-proof and squirrel-resistant feeders. Make your feeder more inaccessible by using a baffle, from above and below.

Squirrels are excellent jumpers, so keep feeders 10 feet away from anything a squirrel could leap from and more than four feet off the ground.

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Collapsible Perch 90
Weight sensitive collapsing perch rods are calibrated for small birds to eat, and even red squirrels meet defeat
Straight perch is a tried and true design
Powder coated burgundy looks beautiful in a natural setting
Squirrel Proof Bird Feeding
Sturdy stainless steel wire - will not rust
Metal powder coated cap fits snugly on tube - squirrels cannot pry off
4 3/4" UV stabilized polycarbonate tube - won't yellow with age, dependably durable
21" long tube - squirrels can't reach seed from the top of feeder
Interior baffle design - seed flows freely to seed ports
4 seed ports - provide optimum feeding positioning
Large capacity - hold 5 lbs of seed
Lifetime Warranty

Price:$97.99 / each

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Sunflower cage feeder for small birds
Extended top - makes refilling easy
Spring Clamp - keeps dome in place and removes for cleaning
Sheltering dome - protects against weather
Stainless steel wire - long lasting and chew-proof
UV stabilized polycarbonate - won't yellow with age, dependably durable
Coated 1 1/2" openings let songbirds in, keep pesky squirrels out
Cage removes easily for cleaning
Tray catches spilled seed
Threaded base - allows the feeder to be pole mounted

Price:$79.99 / each

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There is nothing like it anywhere!
Ten or more songbirds can gather at once on the circular, full-view patio. Even cardinals, who are a bit shy about landing on narrow spots are eager to land on this poplar standing-room-only platform.
1 1/2 gallon bucket.

Price:$59.95 / each

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The original Mandarin squirrel-proof bird feeder is famous for its dramatic good looks, squirrel-proof 17" dome, and large capacity.
It's seed ports are designed for the 'peck & pull' activity of desirable songbirds.
This form of seed management dramatically reduces seed loss.
Medium length perches discourage visits by larger birds. It's even pigeon proof!

Price:$58.95 / each

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Stops squirrels, increases bird activity.
Easy to hang, hardware included.
Keeps pigeons from roosting.
17" clear dome never blocks view.
100% recycled Plexiglas construction.

Price:$26.99 / each

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The ultimate squirrel deterrent. It easily applies to most poles or shepherd hooks, and can be mounted on any pole diameter from 1/2” to 1-3/8”, round or square.

Price:$19.99 / each

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